VB NET set 10

Que: 91. What is used to store decimal data in .NET?
a. BinaryWriter
b. DecimalWriter
c. OctalWriter
d. HexaWriter
Que: 92. Language which is NOT supported by .Net
a. Java
b. VB
c. Perl
Que: 93. To declare an integer variable in VB.NET language, which one of the following statements is true?
a. Dim x As Integer
b. x As Integer
c. Dim x As Single
d. None of these
Que: 94. In VB.NET language, Which one is not the integer value?
a. 12
b. 23′
c. 10
d. 100
Que: 95. Which of the following Loop structure does not supported by VB.Net?
a. Do ……………. Loop
b. For ………………. Next
c. Do ……………. While
d. For Each ………… While
Que: 96. The _____ model does not offer a model for source code reuse.
a. COM+
c. COM
d. .Net
Que: 97. _____ allow custom items of information about a program element to be stored with an assembly’s metadata.
a. Properties
b. Attributes
c. Methods
d. Classes
Que: 98. The corresponding .Net FCL type for Short is ___________.
a. System.Int16
b. System.Int32
c. System.Int64
d. None
Que: 99. The member “clear” of the Array class that sets a range of array elements to zero, false or null reference is a _____________ method.
a. Method
b. Class
c. Shared
d. Object
Que: 100. The ___________ method converts an OLE automation date value to a DateTime Instance.
a. Today
b. Now
c. TimeOfDay
d. FromOADate