VB NET set 11

Que: 101. Every optional argument in the procedure definition must specify a _________ value which must be a constant expression.
a. integer
b. constant
c. default
d. character
Que: 102. Type casting in VB.Net is implemented by means of ____________ statement.
a. Type()
b. TypeDef()
c. Btype()
d. Ctype()
Que: 103. Using a ________ variable does not enable us to create read-only properties that are often required by a class.
a. private
b. public
c. friend
d. protected
Que: 104. A ___________ performs invisible tasks even if you write no code.
a. destructor
b. constructor
c. function
d. private method
Que: 105. The ___________________________________ does not describe inherited member functions, inherited operators, and overridden virtual member functions.
a. Library
b. Objects
c. Classes
d. Class Library Reference
Que: 106. The ______________________ group classes according to their common services.
a. Namespaces
b. inheritance
c. programs
d. objects
Que: 107. Whenever an application is created, a ______ is added.
a. Class
b. Object
c. Form
d. Property
Que: 108. _________ are interactive objects that you place in dialog boxes or other windows to carry out user actions.
a. Forms
b. Controls
c. Classes
d. Objects
Que: 109. The _______________ class provides static methods to start, stop, or filter Windows messages in an application.
a. Forms
b. Control
c. Windows
d. Application
Que: 110. The ___________is a systematic class framework used for the development of system tools and utilities.
a. .Net tools
b. Visual Basic 6
c. Visual Basic 2005
d. .Net Framework Class Library (FCL)