VB NET set 5

Que: 41. The _______ function returns a string stored in a variant data type.
a. Chr.
b. Str.
c. Char.
d. None of these
Que: 42. The __________ property is used in VB for maximum form at run time.
a. caption
b. window resize
c. window status
d. none of these
Que: 43. ___________ is property is used to hide the content in textbox with some symbols.
a. Name
b. Caption
c. Hidden
d. Password char
Que: 44. ___________ method is used to retrieve the stored text from the clipboard.
a. Input
b. Gettext
c. Addtext
d. Settext
Que: 45. _________ control displays current directory with any sub directories and allows the user to change directly.
a. File list box
b. Drive list box
c. Directory list box
d. All of the above
Que: 46. ________ control is used to represent the items in a hierarchical manner.
a. Tree view
b. Grid view
c. Progress bar
d. None of these
Que: 47. Which is not a property of the Common control class?
a. Show
b. Font
c. BackColor
d. ForeColor
Que: 48. Which symbol creates an access key in the text of a menu item?
a. @
b. &
c. $
d. #
Que: 49. __________ event occurs when a form loaded into the memory.
a. Load
b. Activate
c. Initialize
d. None of the above
Que: 50. _________ method is used to forcibly set the CPU focus to a particular control.
a. Setfocus
b. Gotfocus
c. Lostfocus
d. None of the above