VB NET set 7

Que: 61. Which are the standard prefixes for the text box and label controls respectively?
a. txb and lbl
b. txb and lab
c. tex and lbl
d. tex and lab
Que: 62. Which task is accomplished in the Code editor?
a. Adding forms to the project
b. Adding controls to the form
c. Adding controls to the title
d. Adding event procedures to the form
Que: 63. Which is not a feature of a GUI that makes learning a program easy for users?
a. Detailed key strokes and commands
b. WYSIWYG formatting
c. Dialog boxes
d. Online help
Que: 64. An object is composed of:
a. properties
b. events
c. methods
d. All of the above
Que: 65. Which statement about objects is true?
a. One class is used to create one object.
b. One class can create many objects.
c. One object is used to create one class.
d. One object can create many classes.
Que: 66. Which is not true about forms and controls in Visual Basic?
a. They are pre-built.
b. They are graphical objects.
c. Buttons can be created with the drag and drop method.
d. New versions of the classes must be created with each project.
Que: 67. Which is an example of Visual Basic Objects?
c. Control objects
d. All of the above
Que: 68. The .Net class library:
a. uses namespaces to manage all of the classes.
b. contains over 25,000 classes.
c. both (a) and (b)
d. has the System.Form namespace for classes used in Windows-based application.
Que: 69. Which property determines whether a control is displayed to the user?
a. Visible
b. Enabled
c. Show
d. Hide
Que: 70. The Button control can be activated:
a. by clicking the button with the mouse.
b. programmatically through the click event.
c. both (a) and (b)
d. with the form’s DefaultButton property.