VB NET set 8

Que: 71. The CancelButton property belongs to which object?
a. Form
b. Button
c. Label
d. TextBox
Que: 72. A click event procedure stud for the label control can be created by:
a. selecting the object and event from the code editor window’s drop-down boxes.
b. typing the code in the code editor window.
c. by double clicking the control.
d. All of the above
Que: 73. In event-driven programming an event is generated by:
a. the system
b. a user’s action
c. the program itself
d. All of the above
Que: 74. The Java and Visual Basic .NET belong to this type of programming language.
a. Assembly language
b. Machine language
c. High level programming language
d. Object oriented programming language
Que: 75. It is a comprehensive, object-oriented collection of reusable types that you can use to develop applications.
a. Class Library
b. Solution Explorer
c. Properties Window
d. Windows Form Designer
Que: 76. It translates all high level instructions into machine code first before running the program.
a. Interpreter
b. Compiler
c. Translator
d. Language
Que: 77. A window that lists the solution name, the project name and all the forms used in the project.
a. Properties Window
b. Solution Explorer
c. Windows Form Designer
d. Project Window
Que: 78. VB.Net is
a. Platform Independent
b. Compiler Language
c. Forward compatibale
d. Backward compatible
Que: 79. VB.Net supports
a. Structured error handling
b. Unstructured error handling
c. Both
d. None
Que: 80. JIT stands for
a. Just In Type
b. Just In Time
c. Just In Thread
d. Just In Text