VB NET set 9

Que: 81. Out of following which is NOT type of assembly?
a. Local
b. Private
c. Public
d. None
Que: 82. Assembly is ______grouping of all units
a. Arithmatical
b. Logical
c. Physical
d. Binary
Que: 83. New keyword is used with the
a. Destructor
b. Constructor
c. Both
d. None
Que: 84. Keyword which is NOT used in VB.Net.
a. Int32
b. Int
c. Both
d. None
Que: 85. Out of following,which is NOT a type of Authentication?
a. Windows Authentication
b. Web Authentication
c. Passport Authentication
d. Forms Authentication
Que: 86. What is CLR?
a. Current LanguageRuntime
b. Common Language Runtime
c. Common LanguageRealtime
d. Current LanguageRealtime
Que: 87. IL stands for
a. Internal Language
b. Internet Language
c. Intermediate Language
d. Interpreted Language
Que: 88. What is CTS?
a. Common Type Server
b. Control Type System
c. Common Type System
d. Control Type Server
Que: 89. What is CLS?
a. Current Language Specifics
b. Common Language Specification
c. Common Language Specialization
d. Current Language System
Que: 90. Language which is NOT supported by VB.Net
a. ASP
c. Perl
d. C#